Dr Sonja Marzi

Talks and Events

······ 2023 ······

Museum Casa de Memoria, Medellín, Colombia: Project presentation of the Fritz-Thyssen foundation funded project ‘Migrant women in Medellín and their Right to the City’.

The presentation is of the end product: a co-produced webpage that presents the results the of the project.

······ 2022 ······

London School of Economics and Political Science: Screening of ‘Volviendo a Vivir’.

Research presentation and screening of co-produced film with Q&A and including women participants and whole research team.

The film was produced by an innovative remote participatory video research design by using women’s smartphones for filming. Over a period of 10 months, a team of researchers and filmmakers in the UK and Colombia, and the 24 directors, met in weekly online workshops to train women in filming techniques, review and discuss film material and make editorial decisions. In this session we will show the film followed by a Q&A with the research team and women directors.

2022 – The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Global Health & Development Department, Kritikos seminar series, online, March 8

2022 – University College London, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit,

webinar series: ‘Post COVID-19 Urban Futures’, Methodologies in times of COVID and their ethical consequences or dimensions, online, January 24

······ 2021 ······

London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE Research Showcase, Reinventada: The realities of women in Colombia during the pandemic.

Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México,

‘Reinventadas’ las realidades de las mujeres en Medellín durante la pandemia, Charla con las directoras y las investigadoras del equipo, online, Mexico, June 8

LOVA, The Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology,

Harassment in the field: Reflections on a safety and vulnerability during fieldwork, May 28

University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Sociology (USA). 

Fieldwork during the pandemic, March 9
My contribution starts at 1:05:12

2021 – Wageningen University,

Transformative & Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches & Methods (TPAR) (NL), Virtual and digital participatory methods, March 2

2021 – University of Amsterdam,

Early scholars workshop: adapting research & fieldwork during COVID-19, CSDS 3rd Conference: Education, Sustainability and Inclusive Development (NL), Shifting to remote participatory research during COVID-19, January 26

2021 – Leiden and Wageningen University,

Abv and LaSSA webinar (NL), Remote ethnography: doing anthropology digitally, January 20

······ 2020 ······

University of East Anglia,

DEV research seminar series (UK), ‘Using smartphones in remote participatory visual research’, October 28

2020 – University of Oxford,

Graduate symposium: everyday spaces of encounter and migrant participation in urban life (UK), October 7

2020 – University of Newcastle,

NINE DTP virtual summer school (UK), ‘Using smartphones in remote participatory visual research’ June 26

······ 2018 ······

University of East Anglia,

ESRC Advanced Training Workshop (UK), Participatory research approaches in global contexts, June 22

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